Shepherds’ Huts

This is the latest thing – using a classic Shepherds’ Hut design for your outside space. These unique bespoke-built fully insulated Shepherds Huts are available from James Ward in a choice of colours.

shepherds_hut_3shepherds_hut_1Ideal as a garden office, hobby room, studio or as unique portable living and sleeping accommodation for your holiday home, these huts contain a range of built-in cupboards, seating with storage space and a double bed and mattress.

There are also six double power outlets, a dimmer switch and outside light connected by a 3 pin 30 amp socket.

To discuss the options for your shepherd’s hut (the one pictured above is for sale, by the way) or to find out a bit more detail, call James on 07931 594137 or drop him an email to

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These days, you don’t have to own sheep to enjoy a shepherd’s hut!

The original shepherds’ huts were used in the 19th and 20th century by shepherds during sheep raising and lambing. They were also used while moving flocks between different grazing areas. The hut was designed as a compact self-contained living space, with everything the shepherd needed on a day-to-day basis.

wheels1castingsshepherds hut wheel moulds

Shepherds’ huts were a frugal affair with their iron wheels and corrugated iron tops and sides, but James’ modern take on the genre has a little more comfort in mind. However, the authentic look is definitely still there – take a look at the fittings and cast iron wheels above. James has the wheels specially cast from period-style moulds he meticulously made himself.

Complete with electrics and insulated against the British weather, with a tasteful paint job in James’ inimitable style, a hut like this is bound to turn heads! An attractive and useful addition to any garden, built to last, complete with storage and sleeping area, they look as great from the inside as they do from without.

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