Bespoke Furniture

Made from solid Swedish pine, oak or elm, James’ handcrafted solid-wood furniture is hard to beat for style and individuality.

large_wr6large_booksh1large_drawer1If you need an item of furniture to fit a specific space within your room, an awkward shape in a corner or to fit snugly under the eaves of an attic room, James can design, create and finish a piece to suit.

You can also commission items to match existing furniture – for example, if you have a dresser and haven’t been able to find another piece in the same design, to get a second freestanding wardrobe the same as an existing one, or even to get an new occasional table or bookshelf which matches your favourite armchair.


James can custom design and create all kinds of furniture – bedroom units and beds, bathroom units and even complete kitchens. All items are computer-designed, crafted from solid wood and are built to last.

large_wr4large_wr1 large_wr3Ideal for applications where standard flat-pack furniture wouldn’t last up to the rigors of everyday wear and tear, but still not looking out of place in the most fastidious of homes. They’re not as expensive as you might expect either.

If you’re ordering a beach hut or garden room, your furniture can be designed and incorporated to suit the space exactly. Built-in workstations, shelving, cupboards and storage can make the most efficient use of space in your garden office. Kitchen units, space-saving tables and seating can be included in your beach hut.

large_bed1large_cupd1A complete service from start to finish and a building ready to move in and use.


Now… is this project classed as an item of furniture, outdoor equipment, an ornamental garden object or simply a ‘one-off’?

James was commissioned to produce a fruit barrow for a Norfolk retail outlet, complete with wooden spoked wheels and an ornamental canopy. You can see the complete but unpainted item in the top photograph.

large_barrow2large_barrow1It was provided with a splash of colour, given some smart pinstriped livery and the end result can be seen below. A fine decorative ‘antique’ display unit for the retailer and yet another unusual job under the belt for James!

Do you have an idea for an unusual wooden item? Perhaps an eyecatching display for your business premises or retail outlet or a wooden ornament for a garden – something ‘out of the ordinary’ which can’t be purchased off the shelf.

To see what’s possible, give James a call on 07931 594137 and you can discuss your ideas. However unusual your requirements are, he’ll probably be able to assist!