Beach Hut Interiors

How would you like a custom-made interior for your beach hut? James Ward can build and fit a complete work surface and storage system for any beach hut – whether it’s newly supplied and constructed or for an existing building. Cupboards, shelves, seating, tables or desks, hidden storage in traditional or modern styles for any beach hut to suit your personal taste.

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Why stop at a beach hut that’s only attractive on the outside? The interior of your hut can be completed in matchboard or painted/varnished boards and can also include made-to-measure furniture and fittings – fitted kitchen units complete with appliances, or desks, flooring, storage and workstations – all tailored to suit the available space and your individual requirements.

If you like to entertain friends and family from your beach hut, you’ll definitely appreciate the extra storage and workspace. Everything can be kept to hand and it can all be easily cleared away at the end of a hard day’s enjoyment!









You’ll be doing things in style too – the inside of your hut can look as pretty as the outside and can make a statement just as bold. Your choice of colours and finishes, with everything made to exactly the right size to suit your needs.

Give James Ward a call to discuss your requirements.

You could let your own design sense run riot, or ask James for some innovative ideas and get the benefit of his wide experience in creating stylish and extremely practical beach hut interiors.

Of course, James’ interior furniture and fittings aren’t just limited to beach huts. If you have a garden building, summerhouse, garden office or workshop which needs a custom interior, give James a call. Need the building as well as its interior? Take a look at this website’s Garden Buildings page too.

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